Each skin type carries its set of challenges. Dry skin, for instance, means you need to look for skincare products with moisturizing properties. Combination skin means you need products that strike a delicate balance between mattifying your oily T-zone without drying out your cheeks. Oily skin also requires a unique approach, more so if there’s makeup application involved.

So, how can you pull off a glamorous look with oily skin? Here are five tips for doing precisely that.

1.   Get the Right Primer

Some makeup artists and bloggers argue that primers are an option and not necessarily a requirement when it comes to your makeup routine. However, for oily skin, a primer is vital in absorbing the oil on your face and getting rid of that undesirable glow. A primer also adds to the longevity of your makeup by ensuring your look remains undamaged and unchanged.

Primers add a layer between your skin and makeup and can be used on your face, lips, eyes, and even lashes. Eye primer is a must-have if you want to ace your eye shadow application. Primers often have a waterproof feature that keeps your look moisture-free, making your makeup last longer.

The best primers for oily skin give you an even skin tone while helping to reduce pore sizes and fine lines on your face. Look for a product with anti-aging properties for the bonus of a youthful glow. Suffice to say, primers are a must-have if you have oily skin.

2.   Get Foundation That Matches

Foundation lays the platform on which the rest of your makeup goes on. Foundation covers blemishes or imperfections and gives a more even skin tone for a neat finish. As such, you need a good foundation that’s going to work well with your skin type.

Ideally, a good foundation should glide on smoothly and provide a high level of coverage. Also, a foundation meant for oily skin should be able to withstand the oiliness of your skin and stay on your face throughout the day without settling into the fine lines of the face. Good quality foundation should typically last anywhere between six to eight hours.

And you don’t have to go over your budget to get something that works. Some drugstore foundations work just as well as their beauty store counterparts. The best drugstore foundations for oily skin come with ingredients such as salicylic acid and other minerals to help fight oiliness. Given that foundations come in a variety of shades, look for something that matches your skin tone by testing the product on your forearms to see if it’s the right match.

3.   Make Use of Blotting Paper

Blotting paper is one of those accessories that you cannot do without if you have oily skin. The paper consists of small squares of oil-absorbing papers that help to eliminate that midday shine while also mattifying your skin. A majority of blotting papers contain oil-controlling ingredients such as witch hazel or green tea.

Since oily skin tends to get oilier quicker and more often than other skin types, then blotting paper could help mitigate the issue. Additionally, blotting papers are a great accessory to have when, say, at the gym or during any work out since these sessions tend to generate extra amounts of oil. Think of them as a short term solution to help keep your skin oil-free for a couple of hours, at least.

When using blotting paper, pull out one sheet from the pack and press the sheet gently against the shiny patches on your face. It’s best to start with your T-zone since it gets notoriously oily throughout the day. For better results, leave the blotting paper against your skin for a couple of seconds so that the sheet gets ample time to absorb the oil.

4.   Keep Powdering to a Minimum

This tip might sound counterintuitive, but there’s some logic behind it. When it comes to oily skin, going overboard with powder might end up backfiring. Too much powder could trigger your pores to produce more oil, leaving your skin looking less than desirable.

The most crucial step is to choose the right powder. Typically, mineral-based powders are a good option if you’re looking for a cruelty-free product. Sheer powder, on the other hand, offers flawless skin coverage that soaks up any extra oils. A good quality powder should blend seamlessly with your skin tone to avoid creating a clash of colors.

It’s vital to keep in mind that what works for your friends might not work for you. So, don’t rush to pick up a product that looks impeccable on someone else’s face. It’s best to test out a couple of powders before settling on one. A majority of drugstores will allow you to return a product that isn’t working for you.

5.   Set Everything Up

Makeup routines take a while. And once you’ve worked so hard to get everything in place, it’s essential to make sure it stays put. That’s where setting spray comes in. Setting sprays are a great way to prolong your look and also smooth out your complexion.

For oily skin, avoid setting sprays titled as ‘luminescent’ or ‘dewy’ since they’ll only serve to enhance oil production. Also, refrain from ‘moisturizing’ sprays as these promote sebum production. Instead, go for oil-free varieties that tone down the shine and keep undesired oil at bay.

When using a setting spray, hold the bottle about six inches from your face. This way, you’ll ensure the fine mist hits your skin without forming blots of liquid deposits. Spray in a ‘T’ then an ‘X’ shape to concentrate most of the product on the oiliest parts of your face.

Oily skin presents quite the hurdle when it comes to makeup application. But just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you’re doomed to remaining makeup-free for the rest of your days. With these five tips, you’ll be better equipped to handle your oily skin and achieve any look that you desire. Oily skin is manageable.

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