Eyelash extensions are great for drawing attention to the wearer’s eyes, making them look more awake and giving them a dramatic appearance. Unlike the false lashes you can do at home, extensions can be worn for weeks at a time.

Choosing a Material

Different types of eyelash extensions will give you different results. If you’re wanting a more natural look, you will probably want real hair or mink lashes, which are usually thin and lightweight. If you want a more bold look, you may want synthetic hair or synthetic silk lashes, which are usually thicker and have more volume. Real hair or mink lashes typically cost more than synthetic lashes. If you are unsure what type is best for you, ask a technician who has eyelash extension training Long Island NY.

Choosing a Set Size

Depending on the appearance you want, you can choose a full or partial set of lashes. Full sets will cover all of your natural lashes from the inside corner of your eye to the outside corner of your eye. Partial sets are typically applied only to the outside corners of the eyes to create a winged look. Applying partial sets requires less materials and less time, making it the less expensive option.


Eyelash extensions should always be applied by a professional technician. They will separate each lash and glue an extension to the base of it. The client keeps their eyes closed while the lashes are being applied, and the technician will cover the bottom eyelashes, so that no glue gets stuck to them. A full set of lashes will generally take a couple of hours to apply depending on how fast your technician works. A partial set will take less time.

After application, the technician will give you instructions to properly care for your extensions. This will include a period of time when you should not get your extensions wet and avoid sweating to allow the glue to fully dry. There may also be specific instructions regarding what kinds of eye makeup you can wear with your extensions.

Touch Ups

A set of eyelash extensions can last for an entire hair growth cycle, which is typically several weeks long. However, many experts recommend getting your extensions touched up more often. Your technician can tell you when you will need to come in to have them fixed.

A trained technician can help you select the best material and set size for your needs. They can then apply and maintain a gorgeous set of lash extensions that will make your makeup look flawless.


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