Until the middle of 2018 most people hadn’t heard of CBD. All of a sudden its presence was felt everywhere. After years of research, legalization of CBD oil and word-of-mouth reviews, people started turning to it. It is a natural remedy for many ailments. It is believed to prevent cancerous tumors from metastasizing.

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We are caught up between many conceptions largely due to social media and CBD is no exception. Some of us have heard/read that CBD is just marijuana, CBD oil is illegal, and CBD offers an array of health benefits etc. The misconceptions could cause us to be apprehensive of taking CBD. But are we well-informed of the true facts?

Breaking the common CBD misconceptions:

  • CBD is nothing but a form of marijuana: The definite answer is a big No. The misconception arises since CBD and marijuana re derived from the same cannabis plants. CBD which is derived from hemp contains only 0-0.3% THC  which is relatively very less compared to the weakest marijuana and doesn’t give you the high.
  • CBD oil is unsafe to be used on children: Unlike marijuana CBD has only low THC level leaving it safe for kids. There has been no evidence implying that is unsafe for children and there is no law stating it can be used only by those who are at least 18. In fact CBD products improve the health of children suffering from epilepsy.
  • CBD doesn’t affect one’s mental state: CBD is not psychoactive. It doesn’t get us high and helps with depression and anxiety. CBD is considered non-intoxicating because of its positive effect on one’s mind.
  • CBD is Illegal: The United States citizens can legally procure CBD either online or at a health store. The Federal Controlled Substances Act has not included CBD unlike other cannabis plants.
  • CBD oil works as a sedative: CBD oil from hemp promotes relaxation and aids in treating insomnia but cannot be considered as a sedative. The sedentary effect doesn’t last long.  CBD oil when added with substances like monoterpenoid or myrcene can act as sedative
  • CBD works better without the presence of THC: Maximum benefits can be reaped when both CBD and THC are combined in the right proportion. Studies reveal that both components connect synergistically and boost each other’s healing capacity.
  • CBD is medical while THC recreational: Often people turn up asking for ‘the medical part, CBD’ and mention they don’t want ‘the leisure part, THC’. THC has incredible medical benefits and it is linked in preventing the development Alzheimer’s.  

CBD offers a wide range of proven benefits but lack of thorough research may dampen people’s hopes on it. Scientists and researchers believe they are on the tip of the iceberg to see the future of CBD.

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