Who doesn’t want to be part of the cool kids’ gang? Growing up, I always tried to save every penny of my allowance so that I could go shopping in the malls and find unique fashion pieces. Fashion, for me, has been a part of my life that I take quite seriously, and I would not be caught dead wearing anything that doesn’t scream “fashion-conscious.”

If you like to keep up with the latest fashion trends for women, then you’ll be pleased to know that this year is going to be an exciting one for fashion. We’ll see some fashion trends from past years dominating the scene.

Additionally, you will find that accessories such as earrings and bags are taking over wardrobes all over the world. With that being said, the Spring 2020 Runways gave the nod to some fresh, top trends that you don’t want to miss out on.

Here are some of them.

  1. Big Disco Collars

The disco collar has made a huge comeback into the fashion sphere for this year. Mostly seen on coats and jackets, these collars scream style and sophistication. One unique thing you will notice about the disco collars is that they have contrasting colors to the main material of the jacket.

This makes them stand out and bring the focus of the outfit to the area around your shoulders or chest where the disco collars can be seen.

  1. Crotchet

Fortunately, crotchet is not only a vacation reserve or a style that can be worn at the beach. The spring 2020 runways were filled with feminine crotchet dresses and evening wear with a very modern look.

From patterned dresses, monochrome outfits, and barely-there dresses, crotchet brought a whole new technique of fashion. Besaliproducts curated these top dressing styles for females.

Look out for crotchet beach cover-ups, summer tops, and evening dresses that allow you to show just enough skin.

  1. Hot Pants

Because why not? In 2020, women are embracing their bodies and showing off a lot of leg. From short short to denim cutoffs, hot pants are going to dominate the 2020 fashion space. Whether you wear them with silky black tights, pumps, or knee-high boots, hot pants are one of the trends that you do not want to miss out on this year.

  1. Fluoro/ Luminous Colours

What’s the point of blending in with the crowd anyway? Why not make a fashion-conscious decision to stand out and direct all the attention to your bold fashion choices? Personally, I have always loved luminous colours and think anyone who wears them is stylish and brave.

From metallic shades of green, orange, and fuschia, fluoro colours look great paired with tan, white, or black. If you’re going for an over the top look, you could also color block with two different colors. When wearing luminous outfits, you either have to go big or go home.

Therefore, don’t be scared of putting on that bright orange dress. Be dramatic this year and show your adventurous side. However, if you’re not feeling confident enough to wear a full neon outfit, why don’t you try an all-black ensemble with highlighter accessories or shoes?

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