Everyone occasionally experiences difficult financial situations. In this age of information, many people now turn to apps and online services to obtain extra funds when times are tough. However, although some of these methods can be useful, there are downsides involved, and many suggestions of how to make quick money online turn out to be marketing schemes, or at the very least more hassle than they are worth.

Many people today have seemed to forget about the tried and true methods that can put extra cash in their pockets, such as pawn shops. Pawn shops commonly offer the options of either pawning your valuables with the ability to purchase them back by an agreed date with interest, or the store actually buying your unwanted valuables from you. One of the benefits of dealing with a pawn shop instead of an online used goods dealer is the in-person deal. There’s no need to pay for the costs of shipping or deal with the headache of shipping goods to a buyer.  You get the opportunity to show your items directly to the pawn broker and agree upon a price. If it’s an item that you rarely use, but you really don’t want to sell due to sentimental value, you have the added benefit of being able to purchase that item back by dealing with a pawn shop.

Like all businesses, it’s a good idea to shop around when selecting a pawn shop. Interest rates can vary between pawn shops, and some pawn shops may offer you a higher amount for your items than other pawn shops. It’s also wise to do your homework prior to going to a pawn shop to determine the value of your item for yourself. Remember that pawn shops are a business and that the pawn broker will need to make a profit for himself by the transaction, but entering the pawn shop with your facts in order can help ensure that a deal is reached that is fair for both you as well as for the pawn broker.

Pawn shops are also a great place to purchase used goods. Unlike thrift stores, pawn shops make sure that the items they are selling are in working condition. Most items tend to fall into the category of being gently used, and the prices are often substantially lower than if you were to purchase the item brand new. Pawn shops also typically hold the items they obtain for a period of time to ensure that the item wasn’t stolen, so you have that added security when doing business with a pawn shop. Pawn shops also provide the additional benefit of knowing what you are purchasing as opposed to buying used goods from online retailers.

Regardless of which option you choose to provide you with the cash you need to get by when hard times hit, keep in mind that prior to the internet there were already resources in place to help people make it through difficult periods. These old school methods still work today whether it’s mowing grass, selling Tupperware, or supporting your local pawn shop, there’s a way out there that will help you to get you through to better days.



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