Hair oiling has been an age old tradition in every household that has helped to attain long and luscious hair. Our mothers and grandmothers swear by the results of hair oiling and believe in its long lasting benefits. Herbal hair oil has been a favourite among all the people who believe in oiling their hair. It is the most natural way of providing care to the hair. Oiling the hair provides nourishment and improves the quality of our hair.

For most of the people, herbal hair oil plays a pivotal role in their hair-care routine. However, not many people are aware of the correct method of applying hair oil, therefore they cannot achieve the expected results. While hair oiling is the easiest way to take care of your hair, there is a certain procedure that can help to achieve effective results.

Here we will talk about the ultimate hair oiling guide that can help everybody to apply hair oil in the correct procedure, thereby assisting them in attaining strong and shining hair:

Time For Using Hair Oil

Most people prefer using hair oil at night, while few people believe they should not keep hair oil on their scalp for long hours. Ideally, hair oil should be applied 3-4 hours before applying shampoo. The scalp is able to obtain nourishment during these hours. Therefore applying oil at night does not have many benefits rather it can lead to other scalp problems.

Say No To Regular Oiling

Regular oiling does not promote better hair growth, it leads to regular shampooing that can damage the hair. It is advisable to use hair oil once a week, it provides enough nourishment to the scalp. If herbal hair oil is used once a week, it will lead to strong and shiny hair growth. The scalp will retain the moisture for longer durations.

Method To Apply Hair Oil

Focus on the scalp while applying hair oil, massage for 30 minutes as it increases the blood flow and helps to distribute the oil equally all over the scalp. Slowly massaging the scalp can also help in releasing stress. Stress is one of the main reasons that can lead to hair fall therefore fighting it is important. Hair oiling is the most effective way to de-stress yourself and herbal hair oil has its own benefits that can lead to strong growth.

Applying Oil After Shampoo

If you want to attain the shine after shampooing, apply oil on the strands. Use a very small amount and run your fingers through the strands. It will provide nourishment and help the hair retain the shine throughout the day. People who suffer from extremely dry and dull hair that increase after shampooing, should follow this step to attain the shine and keep the strand moisturised for longer hours.

Choose The Correct Oil

There are a lot of hair oils in the market and choosing the correct one that suits your scalp is necessary. The herbal hair oils are very effective but the right ingredients are required to improve the quality of your hair. It is crucial to research and find out what ingredients work best for you.

This hair oiling guide must be helpful for those who face problems while oiling or cannot attain effective results. Everybody should possess herbal hair oil if they want to grow strong and beautiful hair. They have been ruling the hair oil market and have become a favourite among the vast majority of people. Hair oiling is very crucial to combat pollution and harsh weather conditions. Therefore everybody who has not believed in hair oiling, should start introducing hair oils in their routine if they want to protect their hair.

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