This may sound like a frivolous matter, but it’s not: the clothing you choose to train is essential. First of all, for a health and hygiene issue. The materials you use must be of high quality in order to avoid synthetic materials, which in direct contact with sweat can cause the proliferation of bacteria.

It is also a long time ago that the gym meant shapeless jumpsuits, terrycloth and cheap sneakers. By now, even to work out you can have a clear and precise style, in order to transmit to others your identity and feel more secure and why not, add a pinch of beauty to what for many may seem like torture. “Classic” trousers or comfortable cotton shorts, a short-sleeved shirt or a top and a sweatshirt because in the transition from one room to another, you should cover yourself if you are sweaty, to avoid unpleasant cold or sore throat. An idea is to learn how to dress “in layers” so you can “lighten up” when you need it. During the warm-up phase, for instance, you generally have little effort and therefore you can remain covered, but when the training becomes more intense, you should get rid of bulky clothing. Let’s see in detail which are the right clothes to wear when practicing sport, with some of our style tips, to look like the sportswoman you want to be.


If you’ve been training for a while and want to show off the results of your efforts, a tight-fitting short top is what you need. Also, by following the forms of your body, it will allow you to feel freer in your movements. Otherwise you can opt for a more discrete item such as a classic and comfortable T-shirt, better if with an American neckline and without sleeves, which will allow you to move your arms as you want, without squeezing or getting in the way.


The options here are vast: from the classic sports shorts that will stand out your leg muscles to tight-fitting pants just like the short, tight-fitting top make a perfect garment for training, because they are comfortable to wear and because they highlight your curves, giving you the feeling of being feminine right from the start even during a spinning session. A suggestion? You can try the high waist gym pants by Freddy for your workouts: they are created to enhance your body shape, and in particular your b-side thanks to the WR.UP ®  technology which is a combination of strategically positioned sewing on your back together with a smoothing, lifting and shaping effects, developed after years of research in Italy. They feel as a second skin and the high waist allows to keep everything tucked in. Check Freddy’s website, you’ll find them in all the colours you want.

For those who prefer yoga and stretching to the tortures of the gym, the ideal would be to focus on comfort: focus on adherent models so that you can freely perform all the movements you want but that do not hold you during the lesson. Another little tip: prefer white and neutral tones, start relaxing already from what you wear.


Shoes deserve a special mention: you have to choose them well, because in this case the problems that could arise from a wrong posture (created by the shoes) are really many and difficult to solve. First of all, the shoes that are used for any sport discipline must all, necessarily, have an inner footbed: never use those totally low because in this case the kickbacks resulting from movements are not “cushioned” and you risk muscle contractures and back pain. Back pain, in particular, is a real nightmare for athletes and for those who practice disciplines at a competitive level and almost always the cause of this complicated disease, are the shoes. How to choose the right ones? For muscle strengthening exercises, simple sneakers are recommended (with the inner footbed) because the movements to be performed with the legs are very few. For fitness, however, you should use shoes that contain the ankle, because in this discipline the movements are quite fast and rapid and distortions are an almost daily problem for many people: the movements made with the legs, in fact, are very fast and in time to music and if the ankle is not well “supported” could easily give way.

What about the colours?

If you prefer a gritty touch, black is definitely the one for you. If, on the other hand, you have a sunnier soul, opt for colourful combinations, strong colours and bright patterns.

Now you just have to choose the look that best suits you, your personality and of course… sign up at the gym!

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