Every girl craves having amazingly heavy eye lashes. For sure, lashes are the most important part of one’s personality. What if you are introduced with something incredible and non messy that could make your eyes look out of class? Yes, it’s all about dramatic magnetic lashes.

These lashes are far better than those common falsies which creates a messy look if it fails. Drama lama has been phenomenal in meeting the standards of women who want class.

These dramatic magnetic lashes are ideally used in events. Not only this, you may use them in daily life. If you are getting worried about their handling and care, just don’t! They don’t need to get extra care for anything.

How to glam your personality by using dreamy eyelashes?

Now, as you have got the idea of how you can enhance your personality by having dreamy eyelashes, let’s look at the key features to glam yourself.

If you have been regular to drama Lama, you probably would have an idea about what it’s all about.

  1. Glamorous look needs an extra perk

For a full glamorous look, you need to go a little extra mile. In that case, dramatic magnetic eyelashes are perfect for you. You may your the eye liner matching to your dress code to further flutter yourself. Isn’t it gorgeous? Yes why not.

  1. A regular attractive look for daily routine

How amazing it is to realize that you can have your attractive look all day long by adding non magnetic eyelashes. Yes, why not.

It’s quite simple. Try to wear light colors and light makeup. Avoid liner in this look. Otherwise, it would turn your look a little heavier.

  1. For on field ladies

If you belong to a profession where you have to be on field and don’t have enough time to groom yourself, still you can use dramatic magnetic lashes. Maybe you would wonder that it will make things unbearable. But, it’s not.

Once you put them on, you need to restock or refix them again and again. Hence, they are ideal for you.

  1. Tips for college girls to use magnetic lashes

For sure, teenage years are really very amazing. You come across lots of changes in life. In that case, to give a little extra boost to your look, you should have magnetic eyelashes. Again, you don’t have to spend extra time keeping them fixed. All you have to do is put them over your eyelashes and see how they shine on your personality.

  1. Perfect for brides

Wedding day is one of the most special days for a woman. In that case, brides try to go beyond everything. If you are about to become a bride, don’t forget to get your magnetic eyelashes. They don’t even weigh much. Dramatic magnetic eyelashes will make your eyes look dreamy and so your personality would spark throughout the event.


As we have discussed, dramatic magnetic eyelashes are perfect to be used whenever you want. All you will have a glamorous personality wherever you go.

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