Mass media and the internet have done a lot to boost the fashion industry. Thanks to so much exposure, more people than ever before have a basic understanding of modern fashion rules. But understanding the rules and following them are two different things. Following them means putting at least some effort into the way you dress.

How much effort you put forth is a good measure of how important fashion rules are to you. Some people live and die by them. They would never think of dressing in a way that violates even a single rule. Others couldn’t care less. Chances are that most of us are somewhere in between. Some fashion rules we like and follow; others we dislike and ignore. The effort we put into the way we dress is influenced accordingly.

1. No Qualms About Anything

There are some people who have no qualms about anything. My father was that way. Even when he was a young man, he would dress in ways that no other man during that era would dress. My father was either devoid of all fashion sense, was purposely trying to be eccentric, or had a very unique style.

Even in his later years, he did not care what his clothing looked like as long as it kept him warm and provided the other functions he thought it should. Mixing plaid pants with a plaid shirt was nothing. Wearing a pair of dress pants that were six inches too short was no problem. He never wore white, so he didn’t care about the seasonal rules.

If my father could have gotten his hands on a couple of anime T-shirts from the Umai clothing brand, he would have proudly worn them despite not being an anime fan. He would not have been afraid of wearing the T-shirts to any of the events at his senior’s home. Even though he insisted that anime was for young people, wearing the T-shirts wouldn’t have bothered him.

2. Qualms About Everything

I am on the other end of the spectrum. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that I was on the other end. I have loosened quite a bit. But when I was a young man, I was very particular about the way I dressed. My clothes were always coordinated. They were always of the latest styles. And I ironed everything, literally.

These days, I still make an effort to match. You will also never catch me wearing plaid. I am so-so on wearing pink, but I could be convinced if I found a good-looking golf shirt. As for ironing, that is a non-issue. I haven’t broken out the iron in over a decade. Give me permanent press any day.

I’m not quite sure why my views on clothing changed while my father’s did not. Maybe it’s a difference in our personalities. Perhaps my father truly was eccentric. Who knows? What I can say with confidence is that he put little effort into the way he dressed. The first thing he touched at the start of each day was what he put on.

3. Dress Any Way You Like

So how about you? How much effort do you put into the way you dress? It doesn’t really matter a whole lot. Dress any way you like and the rest of us will adapt. You do you, as they say.

The rest of us will do the same. Together, we will melt into that great big hodgepodge of fashion rules, both kept and broken. We will work together to create history’s biggest fashion faux pas. And it will be alright.

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