The perfect wedding dress

Many brides are often asked to choose their wedding dress. There are some ways to do the right choice and looking stunning the most special day of your life.

1. Start your search about your wedding dress, while you are relaxed in your comfortable sofa, with a glass of wine, accompanied by your beloved ones, and not being anxious at all. Imagine how important this day is for you and the love of your life and after that day, your common life will begin. The secret is that this day is yours, exclusively.

The wedding dress’ choice needs you to follow your instinct, far away from everything that is supposed to be in fashion. The wedding dress is a purely your personal choice. Follow your own desires and your own will. That one dress that you are going to be sure that it is the best option and it will make you shine, and after years of looking at the photos, your wedding dress will be wonderful and sweet.

2. Whatever you have dreamed of, when you were a little girl and staring to this retro kjoler and wanted it to be your bridal dress, it is 99% sure that you are not going to wear it on your wedding day.

3. The bridal dress you are going to take is the one that will fit you perfectly, no matter what else you try. Do not get disappointed and try to find the one. Do not compromise with something less than the dress you have dreamt of.

4. When it’s time for the bridal rehearsal, you should take a single person with you, whose taste you trust and no one else. When you actually decide which your wedding dress is going to be, you can ask the rest of your relatives to join you.

5. You should also know that if you want a handmade wedding dress, you are going to spend three to four months in order to get it done. As for the cost, there is a huge variety of wedding dresses in the market depending on how much you are willing to spend.

6. If your friends are going to join you as your bridesmaids, you should take care of those dresses too, in order to be equally perfect.

7. You should not search only for the right wedding dress. The underwear is equally important for a bride. You should prefer the skin color, with no obvious stitches and braces. Still, if you plan to lose weight till the wedding day, consider this at the wedding dress rehearsal and definitely ask for your last rehearsal to be at least one week before the ceremony, in order to make sure that the wedding dress is fitting you. Finally, it is also a good idea to have your wedding dress done two days before the wedding and try it one last time before the big day, in order to be sure it is exactly what you want.

8. When you are done with the wedding dress you will have to think of the shoes you will wear on that day. Searching for the right wedding dress may be really hard, but searching for the right wedding shoes can be tough too. You should think of finding the right pair that you will be comfortable wearing it. You should keep in mind that you are going to wear these shoes for over six hours, so you need to be really safe and comfortable.

Whatever you are going to choose, do not forget that your wedding day is a really special day in your life and you should do whatever it takes to enjoy it. After all, you have been waiting for that day since you were a little girl.

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