Throughout life some moments leave good memories, in this is the case your prom party. It is one of the most beautiful moments of adolescence and as such, should be close top-notch. Therefore, one of the most crucial tasks is the election of perfectly prom dresses, because the gown should reflect who you are. Jovani, known for their innovative dresses, knows how to achieve the exceptional ones. They recommend that the dress you should choose follows according to your personality. And they assure that you can find the right one on their prom dresses Los Angeles collection.

Princess cut

This type of dress is perfect for girls who define themselves as dreamers. They believe in love in all its forms. They want their prom party to be like a fairy tale and their date a charming prince. If you think that your personality is consistent with this, the dress that resembles you is the one worn by the princesses of the stories you admire so much. A design related to royalty.

This dress will reflect the courage, strength and independence that you carry and other great qualities. Do not hesitate to show yourself as you are in your dream night.

Mermaid cut

The style of this gown conveys a lot of security. Mermaid dresses, as the name says, are based on mythological beings, the princesses of the sea. Self-confidence is implicit by wearing this kind of garment. It’s adjusted at the top with bright touches and it falls into a beautiful skirt. If you are a glamorous and at the same time powerful woman, this dress will reflect the delicacy and beauty of your being. Their fabrics and details are more highlighted.


We know that this type of events keeps specific dress codes, but at the same time, we know that “formal” can be sexy and elegant. A tight dress will enhance the shape of your body and your curves. Ideal for any girl that seems dominant to most people, because she’s strong and confident, but inside she’s fire. If you feel proud of yourself, a dress of this nature is your perfect accomplice.

Line A

This style of prom dresses carries a sophisticated air. It is a gala dress for authentic women, which reflects the vibe of the past with the spark of the present. Not many choose a dress of these characteristics because it could look outdated. But they fail to appreciate all that it means to wear clothing of such weight, and more now that the hot trends are vintage or retro. A traditional dress with novelty airs.


An equally sensitive girl can only wear a very delicate fabric. If romance is your preferred genre to watch in a movie, and you love to see how everything becomes possible. Wearing this fabric will reflect who you are because the tulle will enhance the innocence and integrity that you portray. It is a light fabric, which refers to your delicate universe.

Two pieces

Arriving with a two-piece dress to your prom party will make you steal all the glances. It is a revolutionary style and breaks schemes. You must be very sure of your goals and how you want to spend the night. If delicate is not your thing, this set is ideal, because it will show the overwhelming personality you manage, while still being beautiful and elegant.


An almost unique design, delicate as a ballet dancer. It’s a very simple style, but it flashes a personality almost unmatched. It is timeless because it has been used now and always, but it will never cease to excel over the rest of the compositions. You will look original and elegant in your prom party with this outfit.


Do not think that a short dress is informal and inappropriate for these occasions. You have to know how to style it and if it goes according to your way of being. If you feel delicate but brave, and with class but without complexes to innovate, this will be reflected in the shape of your prom dress. It is a tight dress above the knees; it will give you more movements to enjoy the dance.

If you choose a design of this caliber, you must be a girl with security, accustomed to risk more to obtain the desired results.

Opt for the one that you think is more comfortable with your way of being, with each of them you will look elegant since their designs are perfect for this type of event.


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