For a lot of people, rain means a lot of fun. However, for a meager some, rain means a lot of inconvenience and hassle. Then there is the third lot, who love to play it cool in all weathers. Whether it is scorching heat or thundering shower, they know how to carry themselves gracefully.

Rain becomes particularly troublesome when you have to travel in the rain. What we wear while traveling on a rainy day by and large determines whether or not we are able to handle the rains smartly. There are a few clothing tips and tricks to sail through the shower above the head as well puddle under the feet.

How To Choose A Rainy Day Appropriate Clothing

Weather appropriate clothing is an ultimate sorter during a bad weather and more so when you are travelling. The biggest embarrassment happens when you need to reach your destination dripping from head to toe, your clothes clinging on your body and the splashes of the puddle all over your clothes. Evidently, just being covered with a water proof layer would have been a great savior.

You should choose your clothing depending on the heaviness of the shower. If it is a light drizzle, carrying an umbrella will be more than enough. However, if there is a heavy downpour, it is advisable to brace yourself with better water proof clothing. It is because, even if you are travelling by car, a small stretch of walk from your car to the main door will be sufficient to make you completely drenched. Hench wear a trench coat will keep your clothes and hair protected. Also do not hesitate to carry an extra bag for carrying your rain protective clothing.

What To Wear

Raincoats and boots are indispensable during the rainy days. It protects your clothes and shoes from getting drenched. These are appropriate when you are travelling within the city. However, when you are out for a holiday and are taking part in adventure sports such as hiking or trekking, then the planning needs to be more profound.

The clothes you wear needs to be of light fabric and mostly synthetic if possible so that it drains the water and dries up fast. However, these water proof clothes will make the outer clothing, the protective layer to be more precise. The inner clothing is also as important as the outer protective layer.

What To Wear Under Your Waterproof Clothing

The clothing under your trench coat, boots and the other waterproof clothing is of a great significance and needs to be chosen with care. There are a lot of light weight synthetic clothing that can be picked for a heavy shower travelling. Jeans are good to go when there is a light drizzle. One of the biggest comfort clothing during rainy days is t-shirt. T-shirt is the ultimate versatile clothing that suits all weather and purpose. Especially for men it is one go to outfit that they reach out to in their wardrobe. The men’s t-shirts suppliers in India provide a lot of options for tees made out of synthetic materials as well that can be worn on a rainy day underneath the raincoat.

There are many sports brands that have synthetic tees that are meant for active wear. These tees will come very handy while you are travelling on a rainy day. T-shirt is one trump card for all menswear manufacturers in India that get their money spinning like no other outfit. T-shirts are the fastest moving SKU for any retailer who is into men’s wear. Because, when men are not in their formals, they are most definitively in their tees.

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