Think of a young Leonardo DiCaprio or David Beckham, and you’ll get an idea of some of the fashion inspiration you might want to look to right now.

The ’90s are renowned for hooped earrings, football shirts, athleisure and tank tops. You might not want to embrace the whole look in one outfit, but here are some trends you might want to try. Who knew that double denim and grungy shirts would have their day once again?

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Double denim

If you’re a fan of Farah shirts or if Levi is the only brand for you, don’t be afraid to team jeans with a denim shirt or jacket in true ’90s double denim style. For an understated look, go for a plain t-shirt under a subtle denim shirt or jacket. Contrasting collars will also tone down the look and add an extra subtle style dimension.

Casual tees with oversized shirts

Browse the ranges at sites like and mix a casual t-shirt with an oversized, possibly checkered, shirt. Check out pictures of Blur band members and Kurt Cobain for inspiration on fashion sites like Vogue. The grunge days are making their presence known in the fashion world once again.

Pullover sports jacket

The pullover sports jacket was once a boy band staple – think Blur and Oasis – and they are now back in fashion once again. If you want to hit the fashion nail right on the head for current times, pair yours with a polo shirt and baggy jeans for true ’90s style. If you want to go the whole hog, add a drawstring bag and running trainers. Slicked-back hair and a hoop earring will complete the look.

Pastel shades

Men in American sitcoms of the 1990s often wore a shirt in salmon pink, lilac or mint. If the thought scares you just a little, opt for an easy-to-wear polo shirt and team it with a pair of printed cargos and boldly-coloured trainers.

Cargo trousers

Cargo trousers aren’t just comfortable, they’re also practical. Boasting plenty of pockets, you can leave your manbag at home. Pair yours with a good long-sleeved t-shirt or go full-on ’90s by adding a worn t-shirt, an oversized jumper or cardigan, and a checked shirt tied around your waist.

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