Hotels are everywhere, which is not surprising considering the hotel industry is one of the largest in any economy. This means hotel managers are aware that there is stiff competition in the industry since it is quite a large industry and hotel brands need to try as much as possible to set themselves apart from the rest. Even having the best-dressed hotel staff can be a plus in this department since hotel uniforms speak volumes about the brand and have been found to contribute to the customer experience. But it seems a majority of hotel employees wear bland uniforms that could use a style boost.

If you are a hotel manager and want to increase the style factor of your hotel staff, you have come to the right place. Keep reading on.

Get High-Quality Apparel
If you want to increase the style factor of your employees, getting high-quality apparel in a must. Whether it is hotel staff uniforms, you need to get apparel designed to make your staff look and feel great. High-quality apparel also lasts longer and doesn’t fade and fray as easily as low-quality apparel, meaning your staff will look stylish for longer as well.

Add More Color
Let’s face it, bland hotel uniforms make your stuff look dull. But you can liven them up and make them stand out by picking hotel uniforms with brighter colours. Although this may mean revamping your entire staff uniforms, you need not have to go that far if that is not an option. You can simply add more colour with scarfs, blazers, shirts and vests.

Adding accessories to hotel uniforms is one of the easiest ways to increase the style factor of your hotel staff. Allowing your staff to wear personalized accessories doesn’t even require you to revamp any part of the existing hotel uniforms. These accessories include hats, scarfs, hairpins, brochures, patches and necklaces.

Get Them Fancy Shoes
When hotel staff wear fancy shoes, their style factor can be improved in the biggest ways. Shoes complete every outfit, and nice shoes can make it sink into the minds of employees and guest that your hotel is one that adheres to high-quality standards.

Make Sure Uniforms Fit Perfectly
Getting hotel staff uniforms that fit them well is another excellent way to increase their style factor. When hotel staff wear uniforms that are too big or too small for them, they don’t look professional or attractive compared to wearing uniforms that match and even complement their body shape.

When hotel staff look good, the hotel looks good. And a hotel that looks good has a better chance of attracting more customers. Increasing the style factor of your hotel staff might seem like a difficult task, but the truth is that you can do this rather easily. You just need to sit down and come up with ideas that are tailor-made to work for your brand and the environment in which you operate.

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