If you’re spending a lot of time out in the sun, you’re probably enjoying the warmer weather, but your hair may not be enjoying the heat nearly as much. If your hair looks dry and damaged because you’ve been hanging outside by the pool, on the beach, out at the park, and at plenty of other places where the sun is shining bright, there are a few different treatments you should consider using on your hair to restore moisture and drastically improve its condition.

Use a Deep Treatment Hair Masque Containing Shea Butter

Now that your hair is looking dry and damaged, you’re going to need to give it the special attention it needs to get that moisture back and take control of the damage. A deep treatment hair masque containing shea butter is one of the best ways to properly handle your damaged hair. Shea butter is such an essential ingredient for hair because it’s prevent dryness of the scalp and it leaves the strands a lot more moisturized than before. You should attempt to use the deep treatment at least once or twice a week throughout the summer months.

The best way to use the product is to wash your hair with shampoo, rinse the shampoo out, and then apply the deep treatment from the ends of your hair up to the roots. Leave the treatment on for anywhere between 10-30 minutes and then rinse it right out. Keep up with the routine of using the deep conditioning treatment to prevent and avoid excess heat damage from taking place during the summer months.

Prepare Your Own Hot Oil Treatment at Home and Soak Your Hair in It

An at-home hot oil treatment can do your hair some good. These oil treatments are commonly performed at salons, but you can do your own treatment at home by mixing some olive oil with coconut oil and heating it in the microwave for just a few seconds. The benefits of a hot oil treatment are quite tremendous, it can restore shine, bringing dull hair back to life. A good hot oil treatment will moisturize the hair while encouraging the hair to grow and protecting the strands from becoming frizzy due to the high temperatures outside.

Convert to a Restructuring Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner you’re using on your hair may not be gentle enough to handle all the damage you’re dealing with as a result of spending a lot of time outside in the warmer weather. However, it’s possible to treat some of the damage by using the right products on your hair. A restructuring shampoo and restructuring conditioner would contain protein and other essential ingredients that work together to strengthen the hair and protect it against damage. The ingredients in these types of hair products are known for treating and managing damage, leaving hair softer and free of tangles that often appear a lot more often on the damaged hair.

Apply a Hair Serum on Your Ends Before Going Outside

Start adding an all natural hair products hair serum to your daily hair care routine. Even if you’re putting your hair up in a ponytail, applying some of the serum doesn’t hurt. While there are plenty of different serums on the market, you should look for one that moisturizes the hair and is known best for its ability to prevent and treat damage. If you choose to use a serum each day, you may start to notice less damage is taking place because the serum is coating your beautiful strands and offering a bit of extra protection against the sun’s heat and its rays.

Regularly Use a Conditioning Mist to Keep Hair Moisturized

A conditioning mist is yet another great product to use on dry, damaged sun-bleached hair. It’s like a leave-in conditioner that you can easily spray from roots to ends rather than getting your hands messy by rubbing the conditioner into the hair with your hands. A conditioning mist is ideal because it leaves hair softer, it seals in a lot of extra moisture to prevent hair from getting too dried out, and it helps with knots.

If your hair gets particularly knotted in the summer months, the conditioning mist could help you keep it knot-free and smoother than ever. Many conditioning mists are on the market, so make sure you’re choosing an organic option with some of the best ingredients that will nurture your hair and leave it in better condition.

Go to the Salon For a Special Treatment

If you’re truly tired of dealing with dry hair, you may be able to benefit from taking a trip to the salon for a deep conditioning treatment. Different stylists tend to offer these treatments that involve the use of special products formulated specifically for damaged hair. A treatment at the salon could make your hair look so much better than it did before you went into the salon. Most of these deep conditioning treatments at salons aren’t too expensive and are worth the investment because of the way they’ll make your hair look.

Having fun outside in the sun is good for you, but it’s not always great for your hair. If your hair is dry, damaged, and even slightly sun-bleached, you’re going to need to take a few different steps to take care of that damage before it gets any worse. There are plenty of products available that work great at reducing damage and provide the most protection possible. If you’re willing to spend a few extra minutes using these different products, including deep conditioning masques and serums, you’ll quickly reap the benefits of using them.

It’s possible to keep hair healthy during the summer months, you’ll simply need to put more effort into your hair care routine. And, if you’re dealing with a lot of damage, don’t hesitate to take a trip to a local hair salon where you can receive a special deep conditioning treatment that consists of many beneficial ingredients for the hair. Your beautiful strands will look amazing.

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