Hair dryers are in the arsenal of most women who take care of their looks but how not to be lost in a variety of styles and choose the right option for yourself? The best hairdo ratings will help you make the mistake of buying. From International Princess you will be having the best deals.

Hair dryer for the company to choose

To analyze consumer needs, it is clear that the most popular styles of accessories for quick drying and styling include the following:

  1. BaByliss – Stylish and durable design. All products are responsible for ionizing and cooling air. Thanks to them, I maintain a healthy look.
  2. Bosch – many professional technicians High Power, Affordable, Secure Operation The company has been leading the market for many years.
  3. Vitek – Simplicity and durability for hairpin of Russian brand. Affordable, good quality. Suitable for unpretentious
  4. Philips – A wide range of compact drives. The device is efficient, easy and convenient.
  5. Polaris is a small household appliance that is affordable. But high quality. Fast drying and styling without damaging the hair. The nozzle helps to test every hairstyle.
  6. Rowenta – a reliable and comfortable hair dryer. Easy to use, no curls. This brand’s products are often purchased for work in beauty salons and hairdressers.
  7. Scarlett – Beautiful and ergonomic design of the technology at an affordable price. Suitable for home use

The rating of the best hair dryer

In compiling the list of the best models of Hairdos, critical criteria for the user are defined:

  • Fast drying;
  • power
  • Keeping the hair structure
  • Price category;
  • Temperature control
  • More attachments
  • Other functions
  • Long line

Best Hair Dryer – concentrators

This type is suitable for fast drying hair. The center at the top end of the nozzle allows the whole air stream to flow into small lines with the help of skilled hands and brahings (round combs). You can make beautiful stoves.


  • Fast drying;
  • High Power (2000 W);
  • Cooling function with cold air does not damage the hair.
  • Reasonable price (about 3,500 dollars);
  • 3 heat modes;
  • Ionization Electrostatic Discharge
  • Convenient in hand;
  • In 2 head nozzles (brackets and nozzles)
  • With hanging loop;
  • Long cordless cord (3m)

The most compact version is the most popular.

Bosch PHD3200 is the lightest and best quality hairdryer.


  • Lightweight (390 g);
  • Wire is not twisted;
  • Comfortable on the road.
  • Long service life (more than 3 years);
  • Fast drying and not spoiling their structure;
  • Cool;
  • With hanging loop;
  • Affordable (average 1 thousand dollars)

Often have a marriage

Polaris PHD 2038Ti is a “workhorse” machine for hair drying. Hair dryers are comfortable, efficient and inexpensive. But if you get fake, you will soon have to throw out the technique.

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