Have you noticed thinning hair or hair loss? With some professional help from your hairstylist and dermatologist, you can create a plan to defend your remaining hair. If you aren’t ready to embrace baldness, here are some remedies to help combat further loss of hair.


Use an anti-DHT shampoo to help prevent additional hair loss. DHT is a male hormone that makes hair follicles thin and short. When you can block the absorption of DHT, you can stimulate hair growth once again. When you go to your hair salon Westchester County NY, ask your stylist for shampoo recommendations and start experimenting. Products containing 1-2% ketoconazole can be effective as it blocks testosterone from converting to DHT.

Medicinal Remedies

Two drugs are commonly used to combat hair loss. Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine, is available over-the-counter and increases blood flow to the hair follicles, which makes them thicker and stronger. It’s most effective on the crown of the head and doesn’t work as well on hair regression at the temples. Finasteride, also known as Propecia, blocks the formation of DHT, promoting hair growth. The most expensive option is Platelet-Rich Plasma, which uses the platelets in your blood to stimulate hair growth. Blood is drawn, the plasma is separated in a centrifuge and then injected into the scalp.

Scalp Massage

The stimulation of the scalp during a massage can increase the blood circulation around your hair follicles, which can promote healthier hair growth. It can also give you a chance to relax, lowering high stress levels, which can be another contributor to hair loss.

Shower Temperature

While a hot shower may be a relaxing way to start or end your day, it could be causing your hair loss. The heat can strip oils from your scalp, which help protect the hair follicle.

Take Supplements and Eat Well

Having a large variety of vitamins and minerals entering your body through food can be a fantastic boost to your hair health. One of the most common supplements taken is biotin, which can help hair grow fast and strong, but a healthy diet introduces many of the same benefits. For a more targeted approach, try Viviscal, which helps hair growth by providing nutrients such as zinc and b complex. You can also try Nutrafol, which contains marine collagen, saw palmetto, and ashwagandha, to prevent the conversion of DHT, reduce inflammation and provide b vitamins.

Take control of your hair loss today when you try out these different approaches.


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