A happy head of hair is a happy you. Are you looking to spruce up your hair care routine, or just seeking some tips on how to keep your hair healthy and shiny? Here are a few useful tips for keeping your hair in peak condition.

Choose the Right Products

If your hair is picky or you just haven’t found the right products, there’s an incredible array of customizable shampoos and conditioners available on the market. For example, Function of Beauty features hundreds of possible customization options and has an online quiz you can take to determine the best hair care products unique to you.

Customizable beauty products are hugely popular. You can decide the base of your product (perhaps coconut water for that tropical vibe), the active ingredients suited to your hair type, and even the color! Whether you have thin hair, curly hair, thick hair, straight hair, or dense hair, a customizable product can match your specific needs. Go on, pamper yourself. 

Protect Your Head In The Pool

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a swim cap to protect your hair when in a pool, as the chlorine can dry out and damage your hair. Wetting and conditioning your hair before you don a cap and dive in for a refreshing swim will also prevent your hair from feeling “ugh” when you get out to shower. 

What about if you swim in a lake or the ocean? For open water swimming, experts recommend a swim cap both to keep your head warm in cold water, and to keep your hair free from particles or debris in the water. 

Don’t Overdo The Shampoo

Your hair and scalp have natural oils that keep your head hydrated and your hair healthy. Obviously showering for hygiene is important to your daily routine, but consider not washing your hair with shampoo every day — excessive use can pull the oils from your scalp and dry out your hair. The opposite of what you want! Depending on the oiliness of your hair, a few times a week is usually sufficient to keep your hair clean and fresh. 

What about dry shampoo? As with liquid-based shampoos, it’s best to use only as much as necessary. A little can go a long way in keeping the oiliness at bay. 

Say No to Sulfates

Anionic surfactants are a class of cleaners that work to pull up dirt and oil from surfaces… including your scalp. While sulfates have been a common ingredient in shampoos for decades, recent studies show that sulfates may not be harmless. They can cause skin irritation and dryness on the scalp, and damage certain types of hair.

So why not say no and skip the sulfates? There are dozens of great hair product choices that are sulfate-free so you can treat your hair with the best care it deserves. 

When it comes to your hair, you want the best — in products and routines. Pick the right shampoo and conditioner that best suits your needs (but don’t overdo it), keep a cap on while swimming, and look for sulfate-free products. Your hair will thank you for the love.

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