Jewellery has long been used to symbolise many things. It has made occasions more memorable and more enjoyable. Gifting someone jewellery can convey your feelings in their purest form. It makes your special someone feel unique and cherished.

You can say anything with jewellery. Learn it all below:


Do you have loved ones or good friends who just got their first job? Perhaps, someone who has only recently got married? Or, someone who has just graduated? Give them jewellery to show how proud you are. For instance, if you want to show your happiness for them, you can buy stud earrings, a bracelet or a necklace for a woman and a signet ring or cufflinks for a man.

Happy anniversary

Survived another year with your partner or spouse? Commemorate the day and make it more memorable with jewellery. Jewellery can symbolise your everlasting love and commitment to your special someone. It can be a physical reminder of your promise or a reaffirmation of your devotion.  Not to mention, that the jewellery you give will be able to store your favourite memories together.

Give something that is meaningful to both of you. If you are the husband or boyfriend, you can choose to give her a charm bracelet with each charm signifying a special and good memory. If you are the girlfriend or wife, you can give him a fingerprint bracelet. This way, he can wear it every day, and he’ll always feel you close to him.

Especially when you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, you need to be more prepared. You can check out traditional wedding jewellery gifts usually given by couples to each other each year.  In the first year, for example, couples typically give mother of pearl jewellery to each other. And on the 60th anniversary, diamonds are the traditional choice.

I love you

Sometimes, you want to give a gift just because you feel like it. There is no special occasion to celebrate, but you want to give your special someone something to show them you love them. Jewellery will be able to convey your purest feelings to them.

It is up to you what you want to give. You can give fingerprint bracelets, cufflinks, or earrings. It depends on what you feel like giving and what you think that special someone will like to receive.

Happy birthday

Celebrating your special someone’s birthday is indeed a pleasant experience. You get to enjoy each other’s company for another year, and that is a remarkable thing. You can show how truly special he or she is to you by giving them jewellery. Especially if it is someone’s debut, or sweet sixteen, you must go all out for their coming of age. You can buy them a necklace or pendant for the occasion.

Happy friendship day

You can buy a bracelet set so you and your special someone can always wear identical ones. This way, you will always feel connected to each other even if you are both far apart.

As you can see, jewellery is very versatile, so you can use it as a gift idea for conveying your feelings to someone.

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